once in a lifetime experience

Discuss the relationship between Jews and Christians throughout history to our own day.

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once in a lifetime experience

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I would like to share with you a wonderful once in a lifetime experience which I've had in my visit to Israel. I was guided by an incredible tour guide who not only taught us, enriched us with information about any subject concerning Israel, but was funny, and treated us with love and carrying, as if we were her own private guests.
My sincere recommendation is to visit her web site even if you don't plan right now to have a trip to Israel.


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Re: once in a lifetime experience

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When it comes to hard work, discipline and dedication-be it in tourism or any other subject, the Jewish people are second to none. They are the community who has won maximum Nobel prize and I think the only area where they are second is though they were the first Christians they are now in the bottom position in conversion to Christianity. I think it is our collective duty to bring the Jewsih people to top position even in Christianity-if possible make them Catholics but of course helping them to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour should be our number one priority.

In God we trust.

Yours sin Christ
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