Does G-d change?

Should Catholic Jews (and Messianic Jews) keep the Torah? How should Catholic Jews relate to rabbinical authority?

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Gerat Tzedek
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Does G-d change?

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G-d is not some petulant pagan god that acts one way yesterday and another way today. Seasons come and go and tides rise and fall, but G-d does not change. He does not break his promises and covenants. When He says forever, He means forever.

A Jew is a Jew is a Jew is a Jew is a Jew is a Jew. They can choose to obey their covenant and they can choose to disobey their covenant with G-d, but they cannot choose to opt out of their covenant with G-d. Becoming an atheist does not stop them from being a Jew under covenant. Becoming a Buddhist does not stop them from being a Jew under Covenant. Becoming a Catholic does not stop them from being a Jew under Covenant. They are part of Israel whether they will it or not, with all the responsibility that comes with that.

If you take your Bible seriously, you will support ALL the Jews you know, including those in your church, in returning to observance.
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Re: Does G-d change?

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I fully support your view and with international events unfolding very quickly in the middle east your message need to be spread very quickly to the Jewish community and all others who stands to support the Jewish people till the end of time. Sadly this forum is by and large very inactive and I request people like you who can express ideas very clearly in a very interesting way to keep posting your ideas-after all, people say it is Ideas that move the world.
Have a great day.

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