Change U.S. Catechism

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Change U.S. Catechism

Post by Hadassah »

Does anyone have an opinion on the recent change to the relatively new U.S. Catholic Catechism for Adults? It appears to be a reasonable clarification, but I'm curious what other opinions there might be. If you're not aware of this, not Catholic, or not from the U.S., see:

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Post by Athol »

A very good article- that explains the why well. the problem is that you will have antisemites like Robert Sungenis who will see it as a victory for his opinion that the Mosaic covenant isn't valid eternally for the Jews. The church has realized that most Catholics are ignorant of the differences of the terms salvation and sanctification. The Mosaic covenant is valid as a means of holiness and sanctity it is not about salvation at all. Unfortunately some liberal Catholics read the statement as approval of dual covenant theology that Jews attain salvation through the Mosaic covenant. Actually the Torah and Mosaic covenant are a means of sanctity and religious Jews look forward to salvation or redemption in the coming of the Messiah. The torah is a preparation in holiness and the Messiah will reveal God's salvation and open the Torah to a deeper level known as Razin di Razin (Mystery of Mysteries) which is consider the fifth level of understanding Torah as a deeper penetration of the fourth mystical level called Sod (secret/mystery). The fifth cup of the Passover alludes to this fifth Messianic level (also called the messianic cup or the Cup of Elijah). Of course us Catholic Jews believe Messiah has come the first time and opened up this fifth Messianic and Eucharistic level of understanding Torah.
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