Communion in the Hand

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Communion in the Hand

Post by mikemac »

Fr. John Echert of St. Paul, MN discusses this delicate issue in this 36 minute audio file.

Communion in the Hand

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Re: Communion in the Hand

Post by K.jerome »

As far as I know, the distribution of Communion on the hand has been widespread since Vatican II although the proper attitude for receiving Holy Communion is that of kneeling down and having the holy Communion on the tongue. It is learnt that the Protestants introduced Communion in the hand in the 16th Century and Catholics copied the practice later. Now I think it is high time to review and re-evaluate and abandon the current practice (of Communion in the hand) that was not called for by Sacrosanctum Concilium, nor by Fathers (of Vatican II). It seems the communion by hand was only accepted after its illegitimate introduction in some countries. Now, more than ever, we must help the Catholic faithful to renew our deep faith and strengthen the life of the Church by taking the Holy Communion on the tongue( may be by standing-if not kneeling) so that whatever distortion has been done can restored back.

I may be wrong and if wrong I will appreciate outright criticism of my view as I know there are many things I need to learn in as far as religious matter is concerned. If I am right I would appreciate if people like us in this forum promote taking Communion in the tongue.

Yours in Christ


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