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Interesting Article

Post by Hadassah »

Hi All,

Marilyn Prever has a feature (it's the cover story, actually) in Touchstone magazine this month entitled "Wise Blood: Reflections on Modern Women and Levitical Laws of Ritual Purity." It raises some interesting points on which women might want to reflect. Just pointing it out; unfortunately it's not available online. One more thing... Men might want to proceed with care. Then again, I may be too cautious in these things. I do still tend to blush when such topics are discussed in mixed company.


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Re: Interesting Article

Post by K.jerome »


I personally feel that this forum is a matured forum and discussing even difficilt issues in this confidential forum should be alright. When it comes to issues concerning male and female, I personally feel that the verse in Galatians 3:28 tells very clearly that all are equal male or female and we are all one in Christ. Hope you will continue to post messages on any subject that addresses the matured audience in this forum. As events in the middle east are picking up momemtum, I request you to share your opinon as frequently as possible in the larger interest of Catholics across the world.

Yours in Christ


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