The Geneva Initiative

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Harry Jess
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The Geneva Initiative

Post by Harry Jess »

I have studied the summary of this initiative and also some comments, and I just want to know what opinion others on this forum have. It did seem attractive to me, and I 'm intersted to know what support this initiative has among Israelis and Jews elsewhere. How do Israeli authorities regard it? And the Palestinian side?

Best wishes

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Re: The Geneva Initiative

Post by K.jerome »

I agree with your view and if people in this forum wish to do something for Israel, we must speak out confidentially within this close forum and if knowledgeable people enlighten us we can take the ideas forward very carefully to other platforms. Honestly I join this forum with much hope that I will learn so many things and collectively together as a big Catholic team we can do something meaningful for the people of Israel. Hope wish and pray that our Catholics brethrens in this forum are lsitening to my boring message.

In God we trust.

Yours in Christ

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